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If your faith is weak or has flatlined, you may need some spiritual first aid!

“Rick’s book is a brilliant, no nonsense…guide to help anyone find Jesus and uncover their God-given purpose in this life.” —Pete Mathison, Founder of Catholic Evangelization Outreach

“Caught Up in Christ quickly engages and gently nudges readers…willing to rethink, renew, or re-imagine a life with Christ!” —Cheryl Werner, career educator

“This book is…a good example of the difference between being ‘educated about Jesus’ and being ‘formed in Jesus.’” —Rev. Msgr. Lyle Wilgenbusch, retired, Archdiocese of Dubuque

“Merfeld makes a compelling case for Christ that reaches beyond…religious denominations and touches the heart of Christianity. He uses Scripture, logic, parables, and personal stories to convey the message that getting Caught Up in Christ will truly change your life for the better.” —Gavin Ennis, high school religion teacher, graduate Notre Dame School of Theology

  • ISBN 978-1-951561-16-1 (ebook)
  • MOBI file format
  • Published by River Birch Press
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The singular goal of this book is to invite you into a conversation that will impart spiritual first aid, uncover evidence, answer questions, and help you set or reset your faith firmly on the foundation of Christ. How we traverse our todays and transition into any tomorrows does not depend on religious activity. However, it does depend on our inviting God into our heart, professing that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, and living out the full extent of the Gospel message.


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